Empowering students with the knowledge necessary to confront ignorant and irresponsible recycling habits in order to improve the efficacy of recycling

Recycling poses the largest knowledge obstacle in environmental action.

RecyclAR turns responsible recycling into an attainable change for youth of all ages.

RecyclAR employs image recognition and targeting in order to reveal the correct recyclability of different products so that students can learn how to adequately dispose of various items.

RecyclAR aims to combat the harmful effects of the ignorance of the American public by informing elementary aged school children on how to correctly recycle by utilizing an immersive AR experience.

We correct any mistakes youth could be making before they become permanent, unfixable habits.

It is necessary to address ignorance by educating students on how to properly recycle.

Although a high percentage (77%) of surveyed Americans report wanting to learn how to live more sustainably, only a fraction actually commit themselves to making any considerable change.

Responsible recycling is a much more attainable change to make, especially considering that most Americans already make an attempt at recycling! The problem then lies in correcting the many misconceptions and misunderstandings Americans have about what and what not to recycle.

Many Americans unknowingly partake in “wish-cycling,” which is recycling an item that they're unsure about its recyclability in the hopes of it being recycled as opposed to being dumped in a landfill. However, this optimistic attempt can be seen to be unintentionally harmful in that it increases the time, cost, and labor required to complete proper sorting of recyclables.


1st place

Weekend-long challenge to build creative solutions to social issues

Created by students, for students.

Immersive learning through AR.

Through an immersive AR experience, RecyclAR engages students in a fun and interactive way, encouraging them to learn more about recycling and the impact it has on the environment.